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Monthly Recap — August 2021

Hi there! 👋

We're back with the Monthly Recap for August 2021. This will be a shorter blog post since we've made substantial progress to more significant features going live next month.

Monthly Recap — August 2021

What has changed?

  • Email marketing integrations: We've added integrations to Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign for a better email marketing experience.
  • Export audience: You can now export your audience into a downloadable file.
  • SMTP email sending: Send emails with your domain using a custom email server (SMTP).
  • Schedule lessons: Added the option to schedule lessons. Also, notify your students when these lessons become available.
  • Checkout system: Made some improvements to the checkout system, including the guest checkout flow.
  • Performance improvements: Added a CDN network to improve the performance of images and assets.
  • Minor UX/UI improvements
  • Various bug fixes that you have reported have been fixed.

To view all the details, you can check our Changelog page.

What is next?

These are some of the next features to be implemented to Senseily in the following days and weeks:

  • Zoom integration: Integrate your Senseily account with a Zoom account for a better Webinar and 1-on-1 experience.
  • Subscriptions & split payments: We'll be adding new pricing options for your products. You'll be able to charge a recurring amount or a fixed price divided among different instalments.
  • Improved products: One of our priorities is to upgrade the existing products. We aim to make current products more complete, robust and flexible by adding new features and improving the existing ones.
  • New Senseily website: This month, we'll launch a refreshed marketing website for the platform.
  • Affiliate program: We'll be soon launching our Affiliate program. Invite your audience, friends and colleagues to Senseily and earn a 30% uncapped recurring revenue for every subscription payment they make. Affiliate marketing programs will be coming to Schools next.
  • Page builder: The page builder is not ready just yet. We want it to be robust and game-changing, so we're taking our time to ensure we are doing things right. We'll continue developing the page builder to bring it to the platform as soon as possible.

I want to finish this post by thanking you for supporting Senseily. As we have previously told you, we're highly dedicated to the project and are working every single day to keep improving the platform.

Your feedback and requests are crucial for the success of Senseily. We encourage you to provide any comment or piece of feedback as it helps us a lot. We expect to end this year with a solid platform and can't wait to see you achieve your goals with Senseily.

See you at the following Monthly Recap.

Thank you! 💚
Your friends at Senseily.

Gerard Pons

Gerard Pons

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From Barcelona, interested in design, minimalism and web development. I'm a serial entrepreneur and an advocate for online education. Also, I'm the co-founder of Senseily.

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