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Monthly Recap — February 2022

Hi everyone! 👋

We honestly were unaware of how many users like to read our monthly blog posts to see what is happening with Senseily. So, after a temporary hiatus, we have decided to bring them back. We will be posting a new entry to our blog on the first day of each month to talk about the latest news and updates. Following this line, we will also share helpful content, tips, ideas, and product updates on our social media channels from now on.

Product updates

Also, you may have noticed that our product updates have slowed down lately. We saw that in some way, the platform was not helping you achieve your goals as satisfactorily as we would like. For that reason, we momentarily slowed down development work to research and analyze what we could do better. Part of this process has been to speak with you and better understand your goals and how Senseily should be helping you achieve them.


Many of you have complained about our current roadmap. Following these observations, we will be changing it to be easier to understand and more realistic. We will also add more precise release dates so you can really know when to expect each feature. You can anticipate the new roadmap to be live during the following week.

Latest updates

This month we resumed product updates. This past week we released the following updates to Senseily:


We have finally released the initial version of webhooks. We have added the main events to track in this update. But, we will be regularly adding new endpoints in the following updates.


Another feature that you have been requesting a lot is quizzes. With the last update, we added this new lesson type. Again, the following updates will add additional features and possibilities for quizzes.

Delete starting school and team members

Previous to our last update, deleting the initial school and team members was not an option. We have refactored how schools and team members work, and now you can delete them as you would do with the rest of them. Also, users don't need to create a school if they are only joining an existing one.

More changes

We have fixed some minor bugs and made some interaction improvements. Also, we have changed how some items appear in the mobile view.

Coming next

We have been more involved in research tasks this past February. But, we are starting to speed up the development work at Senseily again. So, you can expect to see more updates to the platform soon. We are currently working on new solutions that will expand the possibilities of working with Senseily and third-party apps. This includes new webhook endpoints, further integrations for services like Zapier or Pabbly, and our public API.

Thank you!

We want to thank everyone who has been helping us by providing feedback, ideas, and requests. We encourage all of you to reach out to us and share your points of view, goals, and vision so we can keep improving together and build the best platform.

Feel free to drop us a line. We are always open to chatting with you!

Your friends at Senseily 💚

Gerard Pons

Gerard Pons

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From Barcelona, interested in design, minimalism and web development. I'm a serial entrepreneur and an advocate for online education. Also, I'm the co-founder of Senseily.

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