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Monthly Recap — July 2021

This last month of July has been quite challenging for us. We had to make significant changes to the payment gateways of your School. Making changes to the payment gateways also meant additional modifications to the whole Coupons and Checkout systems.

These internal but significant changes and finishing the development of the Webinars feature have slowed down the speed at which we deploy updates to the Senseily platform. However, the complex part is now completed, so we expect to start deploying new updates to the platform in a faster manner again.

Changes to the payment gateways of your School

We've made significant changes to the payment gateways of your School. In short, we've replaced Stripe Express accounts with Stripe Standard accounts. Also, we've prepared the platform for the implementation of PayPal and other alternative payment gateways that will be coming to Senseily soon.

These changes will give you more freedom over your finances and will allow us to scale faster. The changes bring other benefits for you but also some important facts to take into consideration:

  • You have complete control over your business finances and accounting.
  • You get paid straight to your account. We won't be holding your money anymore.
  • You can now define your own refund policy to fit your needs.
  • Custom branding on the checkout pages is now available for users on all plans. Note that there will still be some Senseily watermarks on the Starter plan.
  • Any taxes applicable to your business are your responsibility and are managed outside Senseily.

We've added a new EU VAT section under your School -> Settings panel to help Schools inside the European Union collect taxes.


We finally released the Webinars feature. As of today, you can start creating your webinars. Webinars content can be live or recorded. Its visibility can be set to Public or Private. Also, pricing can be set to Free or Paid.

Live webinars display a YouTube stream, and we'll add Zoom integration next. Recorded webinars can show a video from an embeddable link to a Youtube, Vimeo or other video services or a video file you upload to Senseily.

If you set the webinar visibility to Public, anyone with the link will be able to join. However, if you set it to be a Private webinar, only users registered to your School will be able to join.

When it comes to pricing, you can define an amount to be paid to access your webinar. However, a paid webinar requires its visibility to be set to Private. 

Additionally, you can add your courses (with or without a discount Coupon) to be displayed under the video stream. This makes it easy for your attendants to purchase them right from the webinar itself.

New customization features

We've updated the student dashboard of your School with new colours. Now you can select a brand new colour for the side panel to help give your content a stronger feeling of your brand.

Also, now you can upload a light version of your logo to display on dark backgrounds. At the moment, the light version of your logo will be displayed in the student dashboard. Still, we'll be adding new customization features where this will be more helpful.

What's next?

As a result of these changes, we've had to rethink our roadmap for the following weeks. During the next few days, we'll focus on improving our platform's main features (online courses, 1-on-1's, and webinars) and adding other key features such as the embeddable Senseily checkout.

Our plan is to bring new lesson types and student engagement features to the online courses. For the 1-on-1, we'll be adding Zoom integration, "coaching packs", and the ability to sell them from your sales pages and the embedded Senseily checkout. We'll also bring Zoom integration and other upgrades to Webinars.

Additionally, we'll be refreshing the UX/UI of the platform to make it more intuitive and easy to use. We want to make sure the core of our platform works seamlessly before implementing new features such as the page builder and before making marketing actions.

See you at next month's recap.

Thank you! 💚
Your friends at Senseily.

Gerard Pons

Gerard Pons

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From Barcelona, interested in design, minimalism and web development. I'm a serial entrepreneur and an advocate for online education. Also, I'm the co-founder of Senseily.

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