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Monthly Recap — October 2021

Hey everyone! 👋

It’s time for another Monthly Recap post. And yes, we know we missed one last month! That’s because we’ve been essentially doing more “behind the scenes work”, and we didn’t have that much stuff to share with you. So, we thought it would be better to wait for this month’s post to write about the current and future state of Senseily.

What we’ve been up to

We don’t want to sound repetitive, but Senseily was initially built for our own personal use, as some of you already know. After receiving nice words from our circles, we decided to open it to everyone. Doing that means changing many parts of the platform to adapt it to more users with different needs. And also, it sometimes means going back to changing the base of the platform to build new features with everyone in mind.

We recently launched an LTD campaign on AppSumo. Managing an AppSumo campaign demands quite a lot of work, but it helps us keep developing the platform. It will probably be the last time we offer lifetime plans. So, if you are into the online education business and don’t have a Senseily lifetime licence yet, you still have a chance to get one before the deal on AppSumo ends.

What’s coming next

Our users have actively demanded the addition of Webhooks to the platform. We’re finishing the development of the new webhooks feature that will be coming to Senseily next week.

Also, we’ve been silently developing a new scheduling tool that will be integrated into Senseily and will allow you to save money on your current scheduling tool.

We’re working on improving current products on the platform. On the one hand, online courses will be more engaging with quizzes, assignments, student comments in lessons, and more. On the other hand, we’ll bring a complete coaching experience for both students and coaches with support for single and multiple coaching sessions, a session agenda, resources, private notes, and more.

We aim to build a flexible but robust platform where all features and your products work together in a unified ecosystem for your students to learn in a better way and for you to monetize your knowledge, engage, retain and upsell more.

This Monday, an updated Roadmap page will be published with more details on all upcoming features, including the most expected ones, such as the page builder and communities.

That’s all for now. See you at next month’s Monthly Recap!

Your friends at Senseily 💚

Gerard Pons

Gerard Pons

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From Barcelona, interested in design, minimalism and web development. I'm a serial entrepreneur and an advocate for online education. Also, I'm the co-founder of Senseily.

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